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Commonwealth bank series 2007 – Englands trashed Australia in two finals

As we are getting ready for Commonwealth bank series from Feb 02′ 2008. This is a good starting point to look at what happened in last year Commonwealth bank series. Its not that Australia wins all the series, Hope the upcoming India, Sri Lanka and Australia series will have such surprises.

The 2007 triangular series is played among Australia, New Zealand and England. Australia lost their home series cup after a span of 15 years to England in Commonwealth bank series 2007.

The finals are unforgettable for England and Collingwood. He is the players of the match for two finals.

For Australia they don’t have Andrew Symmonds and Ponting was not in form.

Here are the two finals from youtube

First Final:

Second Final:


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: January 29, 2008 | Categories: Cricket

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