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Cricketers reaction to India Australia Sydney test controversy

In “Second test at Sydney, ” characters and game ethics in general is been questioned.

Here is the list of who said what about this growing controversy : I added my juice to the commentary.

Allan Border and Steve Waugh

“Border and Waugh blame cultural misunderstanding” — blaming whom – team India or Australia ?

This after all Border-Gavaskar trophy and it is interesting that Allan Border, the former Australian captain said to Courier Mail “What we think is just routine banter they take offense at – it is straight-out cultural stuff,”

Steve Waugh Commented that sense of humor in Australia and India are, in his opinion, very different and that when Harbhajan Singh called Andrew Symonds a ‘monkey’ he may not have meant it as offensively as it was interpreted.

Wasim Akram

“Wasim Akram calls Australians – ‘cry Babies’ ” — Haa must be the old memories that ball tampering issue of Pak with Aus.

Adding to the fuel Akram reportedly said to Hindustan times “We did not behave like cry babies and drag it to the officials […] They do it constantly and much more than anyone else. So how they can go out and complain about other teams, I don’t know.”

Kapil Dev

“Kapil Dev Calls Indian team most gentle cricket team” — that is the reason I joined ICL

Talks to Hindustan times “It is surprising and unfair. The Indian team is one of the most gentle teams in the world.”

Source : Cricinfo

Sachin Tendulkar

“Tendulkar supports Bhaji and his innocence” — No one talks about my splendid Sydney knock so I support …

“Harbhajan is innocent and I can assure you on this,” the text message from Tendulkar read.

“In this hour of crisis, the board should stand by him. I suggest we play in Perth only if the ban is lifted.”

Source : Daily Telegraph

Dickie Bird

“Dickie Bird feels Bucknor should retire” — oh yeah he beat my 66 tests record and I’m happy now that he gets this..

“When you get to that age… I have said to Steve, ‘Don’t go on too long, get out while you are still respected’. I think he has gone on too long,” told Sky Sports.

Source : Indiatimes

Ricky Ponting

“Ponting feels game played in good spirits” — Good “Australian Cricket” spirits.

“I think the whole (Test) has been tainted a little bit by some of the events during and then after the game. Otherwise I think this actual game and the first Test in Melbourne, apart from the one issue which everyone knows about right at the moment, was played in very, very good spirits,” Ponting told ‘Channel Nine’.

Source : DNAIndia

Navjoth Sing Sidhu

“Sidhu hits ICC with the bat ..oops with his words”

Sidhu said: “I think this controversy has assumed a very large proportion.

“India could have ignored the umpiring decisions, which happen every day; India could have ignored the defeat on cricketing ability – that can happen every day; but India cannot ignore the slur of racism heaped on Harbhajan Singh without any concrete evidence.

Source : SkySports

Greg Chappel

“Greg Chappel feels better team won” – Say some thing new Mr. Ex India coach

Chappell said “these were human errors and the third umpire also could make mistake as technology available today is not foolproof.”


“McGrath supports his team” — supports Australian team so what ?

“Anil’s a great guy and quite reserved so I find it quite surprising that he would come out and say that,” McGrath said.

“From an Australian point of view, I know the way the guys play and I have total respect for every guy that pulls on a baggy green. The Australians play it hard and fair,” the most successful paceman in Test history said.

Peter Roebuck

“Sack Ponting, says Peter Roebuck” — Did you say fire Ponting?

Roebuck writes: “Ricky Ponting must be sacked as captain of the Australian cricket team. If Cricket Australia cares a fig for the tattered reputation of our national team in our national sport, it will not for a moment longer tolerate the sort of arrogant and abrasive conduct seen from the captain and his senior players over the past few days. Beyond comparison it was the ugliest performance put up by an Australian side for 20 years. The only surprising part of it is that the Indians have not packed their bags and gone home. There is no justice for them in this country, nor any manners.”

Source : NDTV


“Gavaskar calls Aussies Hypocrites ” ..must be a typo…he calls himself a hypocrit.

To Start cricket he says – “Is it only when the Australians give it to somebody that what happens on the field, stays on the field?” Gavaskar fumed. “When they get it, has it got to be reported? It doesn’t stay on the field.”

Source : DNA INDIA

Malcolm Speed

“ICC head Malcolm Speed supports Bucknor and Bension”

“It’s a difficult job made more difficult by technology and improvements in technology. I think we have the best umpires available.

Source : Rediff


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Present Australian cricketers are “ARROGANT”, “STUBBORN”, “HARD HEADED”, “DISRESPECTFUL” and last but not the least “RACIST”. Not all of them though! There are few rogue elements in the team polluting…

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