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Diamonds Class Action lawsuit settlement claims – diamondsclassaction

Did you buy a Diamond between January 1, 1994 to March 31, 2006 ? If yes then you may be eligible to participate in diamond class action suit.To receive any money from the Settlement Fund, your Claim Form must be completed online By May 19, 2008 or if you are mailing it to the Diamonds Claims Administrator, postmarked no later than May 19, 2008.The Settlement provides that the Defendants will pay a total of $295 million for the benefit of Class Members. out of $295 million it is $135,432,500 for the Consumer Subclass and $137,067,500 for the Reseller Subclass.

Commonly Asked Questions

Common question that was asked in each class action suit is “Do I need to pay any lawyer fees ?” . NO, The lawyers rake in huge amounts from settlement funds. In this case it seems the lawyers get 25% of the settlement funds if they win the case.

Main Site : Click me for Diamonds Class Action

FAQ: Click me for FAQ

Payment Details:Click me for pay details

Big question : Is this a scam ?

May not be as you can see it is “https” and also covered in

1) 9 News

2) Reseller’s (Tiffany’s, etc.)plaintiff’s attorney’s website : link

The consumers attorneys firms:

Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP
Zelle Hofmann & Mason, LLP
Cooper & Kirkham, PC and
Korein Tillery, LLP

If you still have doubts you should call above consumer attorneys firms to clarify if this is a scam or not.

I participated in previous class action suite from Verizon and got new Motorola phone for free so I personally participate in these claims as there is highly likely we can get some thing in return.

If you feel you are eligible for this settlement I feel why loose some money so file a claim by May 19’2008


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