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England vs Pakistan Oval test umpire Hair ball tampering penalty video

With the recent Bucknor wrong umpiring decisions, Umpiring is being criticized and all notorious umpires of the past is now coming into limelight.
Top of this list is umpire Darrell Hair.

4th Test: England v Pakistan at The Oval, Aug 17-20, 2006

At the end of over 55 Umpire Hair awarded five extra runs to England and penalized with ball tampering.

After tea Pakistan refused to come on to ground to play in protest. A hour later they decided to play and umpires refused to come on to play. A big drama and another controversy in the Hair’s bag.

Bob Woolmer (then Pakistan coach who died during 2007 world cup) announced at that time: “The team is upset by the inference they have been accused of tampering with the ball and therefore cheating. It is a no-win situation as the umpires refuse to come out.”

First time in Test history that a win was awarded by the match officials

Quote from Cricinfo :

“Things came to a head in August 2006 when he was at the center of a ball-tampering storm at the Oval when Pakistan forfeited a match for the first time in Test cricket’s 129-year history and, in November, he was banned from umpiring by the ICC following pressure from the Asian bloc”


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