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Entire school staff gets fired as students fail in tests

Officials say Taft Elementary has not met standards for nine years, and students score about 20 points below the district average on standardized tests.

Taft Elementary is one of the smaller public schools in Cincinnati, with about 240 students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

The school’s principal and 11 teachers will finish out the school year.

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This news is quite interesting and hopefully will become a good lesson for all under performing/failing schools. Downside to this may be that schools and their staff can make up student scores to avoid such consequences.

The behaviour i’m talking about is not uncommon as it is cited in best selling business book – Freakonomics. I personally recommend that book in case if you have not read it.

What teachers and sumo wrestlers have in common ?

Ever since No Child Left Behind came into play, standardized testing has taken on a whole new meaning.

Cheating on a standardized test is actually pretty easy. Levitt caught teachers by analyzing all the individual answers of every student in the Chicago public school system. What he found was that after students had turned in their tests, teachers were going through and changing their answers. Not every answer, mind you, but enough to boost scores. In his example, he shows how in a class of 22 students, at least 15 students had the same string of six correct answers. At first glance, this seems a little suspicious, especially since the string comes towards the end of the test, where the harder questions tend to be. Not only that, but several of the students who got these answers correct left at least four of the questions in the same section blank, showing they probably could not have answered the earlier questions correctly. To add to it, these were poor performing students who did not have strings of six answers correct anywhere else on the test. The students made huge leaps during this year, however, the next year they sank back down to their low level. Obviously something was amiss.

says a teacher


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