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February 2008 Visa Bulletin India EB2 category Unavailable

After June/July Visa bulletin fiasco we have seen two times December , January bulletins retrogress India Employment Second preference to far cut-off date which clearly indicates demand for EB2 numbers by USCIS for (AOS)adjustment of status cases has remained extremely high in recent months . Recent bulletin (FEBRUARY 2008) released yesterday reflected this big drop making India EB2 category as “Unavailable” where as EB3 category retrogressed to 08MAY01 – Which means EB3 for India is now more current than EB2. Remind you that this is just start of the fiscal year for visa numbers and this demand proves to be very costly for Indian applicants as they have to wait no one knows (even USCIS too) when they will become current.

Why did EB2 become unavailable in February Bulletin?

This is expected as January 2008 bulletin gave good signs of this prediction – EB2 for India is retrogressed by 2 years to January 2000 & EB2 remains unchanged to 01 May 2001. EB2 approval needs Master’s degree or 5 years experience and we already know I140 is the stage with the most scrutiny since I485 is only adjustment of status. One probable reason for unavailability is that employers hurried up to use LC substitution as USCIS announced that they no more be accepting LC substitutions. Sure as to every one guess that these I140s will have issues. I140 processing times are more and against to guidelines probably the dates are made unavailable.

Other obvious reason needless to say is mass filing that happened in June/July ‘ 2007 which used years worth of visa numbers.

Unless visa numbers quota is increased I believe the same story continues and priority dates may take years and years to become current.

All the best for those who are waiting for dates to become current.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: January 10, 2008 | Categories: GreenCard, Immigration, VisaBulletin

One Response to February 2008 Visa Bulletin India EB2 category Unavailable

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think the visa unavailability is the direct result of the July/August 2007 mass filing. And I agree with you that there will be backlogs for years to come. There is some discussion about this over at “Visa Bulletin – February 2008“.

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