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Harbhajan "Bajji" Symonds controversy video

What happens in the ground stays in the ground ? Not any more Australia taken up the sledging issue to the referee about Harbhajan and Symmonds “verbal attacke” with the word “monkey” on third day of 2nd test in Sydney.

Probable reasons —

1) Bhajji hitting mighty Aussies for 63 is the one that cannot be digested and hence the controversy.

2) Payback time – when Aussies visited India last year there was a scetion of crowd chanting racist comments with “Monkey” and “Cangaaru” playcards from one part of the stand. Its retaliation time and Ausssies are paying back.

3) Why Haribajan of all the players ? Well Ponting got out many times for Bhajji and it continued even in 2nd test. Ponting should have easily cooled off Symmonds to put this issue under the wraps. Ponting probably looking to deviate evryone not to talk about him getting out on each occassion for Bhajji.

Sledging Video:

Haribhajan’s 50 Video :

General Discussion Video :


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: January 5, 2008 | Categories: Cricket

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