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India Australia 2nd test wrong umpiring decisions videos

Who is the man of the match for 2nd test Ind vs Aus – Steve Bucknor.

Let’s look at two innings :

Second innings:

Dravid and Ganguly taken down illegally by umpires. Dravid hid his bat nicely under the pad and that did not convince Mr. Bucknor.

Ganguly’s dismissal was judged after asking the players ? What ? Yes the Australian player …This incident is lot lot better than comedy central stand up comedians shows.

First innings:

From 134 for 6 of Australia first innings to whopping 463 all out is made possible with some big umpiring goof-ups

Symonds score of 137 was possible becuase of poor umpiring decisions.

1) Andrew Symonds was caught by Dhoni off Ishant Sharma when on 30 – Bucknor decided he was not out.
2) Symonds again stumped by Dhoni off Kumble.

Ponting was lucky when Dhoni caught him behind the stumps

Rediff Quotes :

“We have asked our team management to lodge a protest to the ICC match referee against the wrong umpiring decisions made today by Steve Bucknor. The wrong decisions made by Bucknor have been commented upon by all cricketers and analysts alike,” said BCCI vice president Rajiv Shukla.

“I am sure the International Cricket Council will be monitoring the matter in Dubai and take appropriate actions,” Shukla said.

“I was very lucky. I was out when I was 30 and given not out,” Symonds said.

Questions that were left unanswered :

Can’t Symonds just walk off the field when he knows he was out ?
At age of 61, (Steve Bucknor’s age) Is umpiring a correct profession ?


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: January 3, 2008 | Categories: Cricket

0 Responses to India Australia 2nd test wrong umpiring decisions videos

  1. Anonymous says:

    no way symonds should walk out. look at how pointing was eventually given out its not like he had a choice to ‘not walk out’. As symonds also said, it balances itself out

  2. Chris.. says:

    symonds is in no way obligated to walk of but the way the aussies strut around with their ‘holier than thou’ attitude maybe he should have.. but then again most would agree he didnt have to and it was basically a terrible umpiring decision.. how long can icc ignore the technology at hand??? ricky pointing showed that when he is losing he not very sporty or plays in the spirit of the game this is evident when u look at ganguly’s catch and the catch ponting took at silly point.. if aussies had lost the match because of these umpiring decisions he would be singing a different tune regarding the umpiring decisions..

  3. Kalyan says:

    @Anonymous, Chris — When Symmonds himself admits he knows he is out..probably he shd have walked out byhimself in the cricketing spirit and well thats rarely we see.

    I agree ICC had to change and evaluate umpires and use technology to get rid of some of these controversies to make the game more friendly.

    These umpriring decisions are so bad that one news agency reports that Indian mgmt team is even thinking of withdrawing from the series altogether.

  4. Abbas says:

    I dont see any use of showing any disagreement with all these happenings. The entire system is Australia driven. Everything went against India, we lost the match and on the top of it our player is banned based on nothing. This is utttttttter nonsense. The australian team can do anything for a win. I clearly remember the last tour in which India dominated evidently, but then came the saviour and he is none other than Bucknor who turned down numerous LBW(Plum) appeals against stev waugh resulting the series in to a TIE. What a shame. Is there any forum ar platfor where such issues are adressed. Onemore thing which is quite interesting that the way australian are supporting umpires….well they are justified after all the umpires were thier team mates helped them for this stupid win. Last but not the least Congratulations!! well done AUSTRALIA+2 UMPIRES+ 3rd UMPIRE

  5. Kalyan says:

    @Abbas — Rightly said. You know what I feel ..India should cancel the tour and call off the team back to India. Thats the answer for all this mess created by Australia team in the second test.

    Good thing is team standing by Harbhajan specially Tendulkar seems like wrote to Sharad Pawar stating his support to stand by on Haribhajan side.

    This whole episode just brought the RIGHT focus that winning is not everything (Ponting ..did you note that – winning is nothing) and as Kumble put it rightly “One team is palying with the spirit of the game”

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