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Superbowl 2008 Giants vs Patriots live streaming sites

————— Update Feb 07 2010 ——
Superbowl 2010 Saints vs Colts Live Streaming Sites

Update Feb’ 01′ 2009 – For 2009 Cardinals vs Steelers live streaming sites are updated here.

The big game between New York Giants and New England Patriots in superbowl XLII that will be played in University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona on Feb 3 (2-3-2008) , Sunday at 4:00 PM

Here is super bowl start time or kick off time :
The superbowl starts in

Big Game starts in-

[Loading time count down …]

I was searching what are the options to watch this game online for someone who is out of country OR have internet connection but no TV.

Here are few options available for Super bowl live streaming sites.

NFL – The official site

NFL is the official site which is having videos section and in case if you missed this great game you can watch replays from here.

[I doubt if they have any online live streaming – there was some petition addressed to NFL marketing director to provide this online access, So be sure to check the site on game day i.e Feb 3′ 2008 ]

NFL Petition from fans

If NFL accepts positively to this petition then we may see soon many live streaming from NFL. The petition is supposed to be sent to NFL on December 13’2007. There is no follow up news of what happened to this petition.

Petition To The National Football League – ArmchairGM – Sports Wiki Database via kwout

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Yahoo sports streaming NFL games outside US users:

Better than nothing, Yahoo NFL game pass is streaming Superbowl with following restrictions:

* Service not available in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Bermuda, Antigua, and U.S. Territories.
* NFL Game Pass, powered by Yahoo! Sports, is a U.S. service governed by U.S. laws.
* Game archives available until 11:59 pm PT on W – Wednesday of each week.
* Coverage does not include post-season broadcasts.

NFL Game Pass is not compatible with Unix or Linux.

Direct TV online access

NFL & Direct TV partnership via super Fan

1) sign up for DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket ($269/year).
2) Add the “SuperFan” program (an additional $99/year).
3) Only works on Windows PC (Out of luck for Mac users).

Watch the live streaming game on webwide in Internet Explorer.

Is there Feb 3 – superbowl game available from SuperFan program ?? I did not find one , If you come across one please share.

Engadget and Arstechnica is where I got all this info from :

Superbowl Gaints vs Patriots for $15

This package I’m not sure if they allow only UK visitors or any visitors. You need to contact them and see if what they advertise is what they show and they have NFL

Cricket On TV Direct To Your PC via kwout

Live NFL Streaming Direct To Your PC via kwout


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4 Responses to Superbowl 2008 Giants vs Patriots live streaming sites

  1. Troy says:

    Thanks for the info!

  2. blargumentor says:

    Thanks for this info!! Except I don’t want to pay 350 bucks to watch it… Since I’m in the US I’m screwed! Oh well, happy holiday everyone! I hope your barbeques are hot, meat rare, and beer cold.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Typical. I’ve been doing a google search for this as well and there are enough liars and scam artists out there in such a short period of time advertising on there sites “free” online availability of the Super Bowl and then when you click to the links you either get nowhere(NBC) or get sent to some PAY site. Typical greedy ripoff artists!!

  4. Kalyan says:

    NFL has tight control over streaming rights. For outside US users Yahoo Gamepass is the best option. If one is looking for free streaming of Superbowl – I would say forget it unless you have directTV or Dish Network and use slingbox to control your TV over internet is the viable option.


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