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Turn off Check Engine light and diagnose problems with trouble code reader

OBD II Check Engine Auto Scanner Trouble Code Reader

OBD II Check Engine Auto Scanner Trouble Code Reader
What is frustrating with old cars (> year 1996) ? I always get “Check Engine” light very often these days for my old 1998 second car and that makes me worry if there is any real problem with the car. Car manual says even if you don’t tighten up the gas cap properly there is a possibility of getting check engine indicator. If I take it to my (Acura) dealer he tells 1001 problems with car and as usual repair costs go over $1K for the car which is worth $5K. I found this “OBD Check Engine Scanner” . If you have taken your vehicle for emission testing you will know by now that they use similar technology to read emission percentages.

Some of the product features:

* Works with all 1996 and newer cars & trucks that are OBD II compliant

* Reads and clears generic and manufacturer specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) and turns off check engine light

* Supports multiple trouble code requests: generic codes, pending codes and manufacturer’s specific codes

* Stand-alone unit with no need for an additional laptop computer to operate

* Highly reliable and accurate, Easy-to-read crystal-clear backlit 2-line LCD display
This scanner is compatible all OBDII and EODBII compliant vehicles 1996 and newer. Please Note: may not be able to retrieve all codes on some VW, Audi, and Subaru cars. This scanner is not compatible with CAN protocol.


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