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Hotmail is down users not able to login

Update : Morning – Feb’26’2008 Hotmail is not accessable

This morning February 06 2008 when I tried logging on to my hotmail account it failed with the following error.

I hope this outage is not big as the one that was reported back in 2005 where a large chunk of hotmail users (165 million) who lost their new and saved messages. I pay yearly $19.99 as hotmail is my primary personal mail account which gives me some peace of mind as a paid user but last outage wiped out accounts of even paid users.

Here is embarrassing Microsoft outage that is worth reading

In 1999 — Microsoft is rescued by a Linux programmer from an outage

Microsoft owes a small debt of gratitude to a lone Linux programmer.

The software giant confirmed today that its popular Hotmail email network was partially paralyzed over the Christmas holiday when it failed to pay a $35 registration fee for the domain name

As previously reported, the oversight was remedied by Linux programmer Michael Chaney, who covered the payment with his personal credit card. Within hours, Hotmail was back online.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: February 6, 2008 | Categories: OtherNews

2 Responses to Hotmail is down users not able to login

  1. Michael (first poster) says:

    I was able to access it from my mobile though..

  2. Anonymous says:

    December 2008: I have not been able to open hotmail at all from time to time this month. Just says error on page. What’s going on?

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