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India vs SriLanka Game#8 CB series highlights

India keeps chances of getting into finals alive by winning this crucial match against Sri Lanka in a thriller. Dhoni and Yuvraj clinched this thriller in a style. Dhoni scored no boundaries in runs of 50 he made.

Dhoni’s 50 video

He speaks after the game in a jubilious mode to the media.

Dhoni’s post match video

Yuvraj strugglling for his form made a winnning contribution in the crucial match. 200th match and he reagained his confidence with few boundaries. 76 off 70 balls put India on winning. Seems yoga is doing it for Yuvi and hope he carries same momentum in all his next games. The video where he spoke to Harsha Bogle, Ravi Shastri and Wasim Akram after the game.

Yuvi’s post match video

Again a disastrous performance show from the Indian top order batsman. Uthappa should be sacked from the team and so far he has been worst contributer playying irresponsibly except for one ODI in England I have not seen any runs from his bat.

Here is video of fall of wickets for India :

India’s fall of wickets video


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: February 19, 2008 | Categories: Cricket

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