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Worst superbowl 2007 ad Salesgenie contests again for 2008 dull ad award

Update : 2008 superbowl ads featuring

1) “Ramesh Chakrapani” sales person.2) PandasRemember ? Two clues First Telemarketing and Second un forgetful 2007 superbowl ads.

I recently moved to AT&T service after Sunrocket’s VOIP phone service went out of business. The phone number that we got from AT&t is a recycled number (used by some one previously and phone companies since running out of numbers gives the same number to new customers). The recycled number seems to be of some one by name “Pamela” and we ended up receiving all her telemarketing and personal calls. AT&T cannot help us in this case and they asked us to get the new number and they do not guarantee if that is not a recycled one.

All other options I followed like putting the number in “DONOTCALL” list and unlisting the number from AT&T but none seems to work out. In the process of my research I found salesgenie which sells this kind of information to sales people and Salesgenie claims that it is up to buyers of these leads to verify in DONOTCALL list. If you are still getting telemarketing calls after listing in DOnOtCall list then SalesGenie might be the reason.

Salesgenie got so famous last year for featuring a 30-second Superbowl ad which the blogs and media declared the ad as most boring and un professional. This made them so popular last year.

Here is the ad for you to enjoy one more time :

Salesgenie is coming again with their new ad this year 2008 that features a sales guy by name Ramesh who was on verge of getting fired gets sales genie and he becomes salesman of the year. I wish i can steal that salesgenie and save all of us from those disturbing telemarketing calls.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: February 1, 2008 | Categories: Uncategorized
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7 Responses to Worst superbowl 2007 ad Salesgenie contests again for 2008 dull ad award

  1. Anonymous says:

    both of the salesgenie ads are flat out racist. stereotyping the huge indian family with a hard to pronounce name? asian pandas with a fob accent?!? are you kidding? can you get any more lowbrow?

  2. Anonymous says:

    the panda ad is not racist… it was done by actors in the orient so that can’t be racist. Sorry, you’ll have to find some other agenda to push.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Are you completely ignorant? The “pandas” with the Asian accents are of course portrayed as being stupid – so stupid that they can’t speak with proper grammar and eat their chairs. Then in comes the smart, non-Asian accent Panda who shows them how to run their business. Yes, this spot was completely racist. What exactly is your agenda?

  4. Anonymous says:

    The panda ad was most certainly racist, given the following:

    1) Racism against any group can be perpetuated by anyone, including members of the group itself. If the ad featured Asian actors and/or was recorded in an Asian country, that in no way obviates its racist tones. And by the way, ‘the orient’ is a Eurocentric term that civilized people don’t use anymore. It’s called Asia.

    2) This ad is more or less the equivalent of portraying, say, blacks in minstrelsy shows, with huge lips and apelike features. Or Jews with rat tails. I’m surprised Dr. Fu Manchu didn’t make an appearance.

    3) Could you imagine the backlash if ad makers took concomitant liberties with a stereotypical portrayal of African-Americans on national television? Not that any race should be portrayed this way; but it’s sad and pathetic that Asians are still fair game for this type of thing.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Those ads were hilarious and accomplished their goal of making people remember the product.
    I agree that people who were offended by these need to find another agenda to push.
    I watched the game in mixed company with about 30 others and the room was in an uproar when these were aired. We need more of this on tv ~ hilarious and effective.

  6. Anonymous says:

    For those (rightfully) offended by the Sales Genie ad – welcome to club ! Signed, Italian-american constantly watching commercials that portray my people as murderous and idiotic thugs.

  7. Kalyan says:

    As previous commenter s posted even CNN time thinks salegenie ad as racial stereotyping:

    Here are the details:

    Time with Partnership of CC reports :

    “ wants to give you 100 free sales leads — and all you have to do in return is subject yourself to some mild racial stereotyping! A put-upon sales rep named “Ramesh,” with seven kids and the thickest Indian accent this side of the Kwik-E-Mart, is saved from certain termination by the leads. Maybe it’s actually a subtle political commentary on outsourcing.”

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