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GMAC sues GMAT forums/Users over "live" questions for MBA preparation ?

R.P Singh – young Indian cricket bowler wants to do MBA : “He must be careful with GMAT forums and test preparation centers :-)”. Source RP Singh’s MBA plan video

GMAC, owner of the GMAT exams reportedly planning to sue (or sued) GMAT forum , accusing it of illegally obtaining copies of “live” test questions that they then use to help students practice GMAT tests. These are the cases of improperly using official GMAT materials.

This poses a risk to some students’ scores and their careers though there is no fault of their own as they were allowed to practice on a test questions with other students in the forums. These kinds of actions of copyright infringement may divert all the attention to the growing GMAT test preparation online centers. This is a good move and I agree it gives some back door test preparers an unfair advantage on GMAT.

As a general thumb of rule If GMAT questions are from material approved by GMAC that’s either in a book or some other form, then it’s probably OK. Remember as a test taker one agrees that they will not disclose GMAT questions after the test. It’s not a good idea to disclose questions from actual GMAT’s and they may have some dire consequences.

One forum posted on this topic back in 2007 :

GMAC is also threatening to (a) find out who posted the live questions, ban them from taking the GMAT, AND reporting the names to b-schools, and (b) potentially finding out who looked at or discussed items labeled “live” (that is, people who knowingly looked at live questions) and doing the same to those users.”

Here are some forms of GMAC copyrighted material reported in one test prep forum.

GMAT Sets these are upto 20 plus sets that seems to be having live test questions, Gmatter Software has software download that reportedly uses some “live” questions, 1000SC is related to sentence correction part of GMAT which is popular and heavily circulated over internet for practicing sentence correction part of GMAT. Similarly there are 1000RC – Reading Comprehension packages and finally Official Guide or OG is official GMAT tests and practice tests that is bit vaguely mention not to discuss or distribute such material.

GMAT official guide is available for purchase from popular book stores and is a must-have if you prepare for GMAT.

To Sumup all this information is from some forums and websites and though their validity is in question but every test taker signs an agreement not to post exam questions this is just not with GMAT tests but take for example Microsoft certification tests too.


Don’t post copyright questions

Don’t post scoretop questions


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: March 8, 2008 | Categories: GMAT, MBA

4 Responses to GMAC sues GMAT forums/Users over "live" questions for MBA preparation ?

  1. Sarah says:


    As a resource for future MBA candidates, I was wondering if you’d be interested in linking to Manhattan GMAT ( or the Manhattan GMAT blog (



  2. Steve says:

    Another great tool for MBA candidates (that we hope won’t get sued!) is:

    It helps all applicants see how they stack up in the applicant pools to help them make better application decisions.

  3. GMAT Forums says:

    This is an interesting case. I have written sample questions on several occasions, and I think it might just be that they are very similar.

    If this is true then it could pose significant legal problems for the site owner.

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