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Hari Kondabolu – A different Indian American stand up comedian on immigrants issues

Hari Kondabolu On republicans
Hari Kondabolu – “I’m not a Republican, but I was one, once — when I was 7 years old. Not my fault. The symbol of the Republican Party is an elephant, I’m a Hindu, I was confused.”

One of my friend sent me Hari Karthikeya Kondabolu’s you tube video and this stand up clip was mainly about how he used for his shows the “Telugu” – South Indian regional language that was spoken by his parents in an Indian American accent. My first impressions were he is sure not one of those Indian accent stereotype comedians that come and go in a flash.

Raised in Queens, New York by Indian immigrant parents made his name and became famous as he interned with Sen. Hillary Clinton. This internship program is one of the most prestigious, effective and competitive leadership programs in the nation’s capital. Over 120 Indian-American college students from across the United States applies to these programs.

Kondabolu earlier interned in the office of the Queens District Attorney, where he worked in the Hate Crimes/Anti-Bias/Youth Gangs Bureau. This provided him with a first-hand view of how the criminal justice system works. The experience motivated him to seek a career path that will enable him to work to improve the lives of minorities.

Hari Kondabolu an outstanding student and leader in his university and community was able to get this prestegious internship opportunity. News is here

He moved to Seattle from New York and made name as a stand up comedian and working at Hate Free Zone, an organization founded after September 11 to help immigrant communities. He moved to London and waiting to perform his queen jokes ( Diamonds of India with queen satires) and have to see how popular he will become in stand-up comedian in London besides his continuing education in London School Of Economics.

Here are the two Youtube videos :

Hari Kondabolu in Jimmy Kimmel Live

Hari Kondabolu telugu satires


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