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Haribhajan takes weed and monkey comments revenge with the ball in 1st final CB Series

Sydney and Haribhajan have always controversies to offer , First final at Sydney is no different in this regard. Bhajji took both the wickets of Hayden as well as Symmonds.

Hayden and Symmonds 50 partnership
Hayden and Symmonds saved Australia from shameful score of 24 for 3.

Symmonds and the Haribhajan calling him “Monkey” issue led to bitter fights in Sydney test match. Hayden recently last week talking on radio referred Bhajji as “obnoxious weed” and it resulted in emotional tensions on the ground as witnessed today.When Haribhajan came to bowl there are lots of boos around the ground. Under pressure Bhajji took the well deserved revenge by taking both Hayden as well as Symmonds wicket in 1st final of CB series. Bhajji celebrated the two wickets in “Bhalle Bhalle !” Bhangra style. Yuvi and Bhajji did a short display of boxing skills to Sydney crowd after Hayden got out.

Hayden and Symmonds celebrating Hayden's half century
Hayden and Symmonds celebrating Hayden’s half century.

It all started with Dhoni. Interesting decision by Dhoni to give Bhajji the ball when Symmonds and Hayden are on the board. Dhoni had no choice as Pathan was under performing today with his first over costing India 15 runs.

Bhajji suffocated Hayden by not giving him any chance to score runs and Hayden fell for this trap and as natural as for the batsmen to play reckless shots.This is exactly what Bhajji masterminded in taking out Hayden at Syndey 1st Final today. The credit for Hayden’s wicket is also to be given to Chawla who took an excellent running catch of Hayden. Overall Hayden played great final innings for Aussies, without Hayden score Aussies would have been in deep trouble.

Haribhajan celebrates wicket
Bhajji celebrates the kickin victory.

Symmonds dismissal that was awesome teaser ball, lot of flight on that ball (probably a bit of turn also) inviting Symmonds into trouble.This dismissal looked like as if Symmonds threw his wicket carelessly. Under pressure it is Bhajji who was not at all bowling good and Symmonds dug his own grave by a careless shot. Bhajji celebrates “Bhalle Bhalle” move.

At the end it is Bhajji in the finals with just two wickets he might have now put pressure on the critics, Australian media, Punter, Symmonds and the Hayden.

Well Done Bhajji !

Videos of two wickets :

Symmonds dismissal video

Hayden dismissal video [ Check the free boxing match of Yuvi and Bhajji ]


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