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As Life Goes Digital

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Is it worth buying HD-DVD player now ?

If you already own a HD-DVD player, I feel there is no rush to get rid of your player on eBay. If you don’t own it then this is a good time to buy this player for the below reasons.One compelling reason – its a great upconverting dvd player at a bargain price.

HD-DVD players at Bargain price
This is Youtube video mockery on lost war of Toshiba HD format – click here to watch video

Everywhere you see the comparison of HD-DVD players to lost battle of Betamax to VHS which in my opinion is not correct. With Betamax there was no earlier formats and simply to put it no backward compatibility for its commercial success when that tapes format war ended. With HD-DVD players the scene is different it competes with all existing upconverting DVD players and fares well in the quality section.

Look at the prices of these players, you can get a HD-A2 player at Sam’s club for now $68. [ Click here for $68 Toshiba DVD player – enter your zip code and pick up the player from your nearest store ]. This trend will make the demand go up for these players in upconverting players market and supply will become scarce in near future. I personally still waiting for Blu-Ray players prices to come down as after the announcement of HD-DVD format pull back announcement from Toshiba, a surge in demand for Blu-Ray players kept their prices intact with out any good bargain deals.

Also consider the already available 500 plus HD-DVD titles that makes a good collection. I recently bought Bourne trilogy – The Bourne Identity , The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum for deal price from Amazon. [ Click here for Bourne hd-dvd]. Keep looking for these HD-DVD prices to drop as low as $10 and at least until May of 2008 we can expect new releases which were already promised to release in HD-DVD.

There is one more great reason that it seems it is possible to burn HD content to a regular DVD-R discs . Once burnt you can play it as an HD movie on an HD-DVD player. I’m sure there are restrictions in the video length as DVD-R can support less of HD content. All my camcorder HD content can be burned this way to DVD-R as anyway they are short duration clips. I’ll research more and write a post with step-by-step guide of burning HD content to DVD-R discs.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: March 7, 2008 | Categories: Deals, Tips

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