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Tendulkar wins final for India with his maiden odi century in Australia

Sydney crowd thanks the Master Blaster
Sydney crowd thanks the Master Blaster.

Probably this final is one of the most sensible chases that Indian fans have seen in recent past. Sachin low on confidence or poor form does not take strike of first ball and Uthappa gets the chance. Lee did trouble Sachin initially. Aussies bowling have lost some edge after the departure of Warne and McGrath. With Hogg and Gilchrist departing after this series Aussies might be in big trouble. The total of 240 is a paltry total and India needs to keep their wickets intact.

Sachin scored all around the ground to keep Aussies fielding busy. The coordination of Sharma and Tendlya is a winning partnership. Sachin seen appreciating Sharma for his so perfect text book shots and for Rohit of age 21, this must be a great compliment from master blaster. In this series it is first time that India crossed or touched 50 for first wicket. 6+4 = 10dulkar is waiting for long time to give India this blasting innings and what a occasion to finish his first hundred in Australia that too at Sydney Cricket Ground …err…Sachin Cricket Ground.

It is good to see India team maturing into a good bowling side with Praveen Kumar and Ishant leading the way.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: March 2, 2008 | Categories: Cricket

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