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Match#1 Bangalore vs Kolkata video Highlights

The first opening match is a big disappointment to host team Bangalore – Royal Challengers. Praveen Kumar’s excellent spell is nulled by Zaheer Khan’s poor performance made McCullam hit all around the ground. The first IPL hundred and a terrific quick 158 out of 222 is all the differnce by the opener in the opening IPL match. Though Ganguly seems not a right partner, Brendon’s hardhitting on a bouncy pitch continued the firework innings to the end. When Praveen Kumar was bowling good line and length, Dravid should have continued little longer with him — This I feel is the turning point of the game.

Crowd booed Ricky Ponting on every opportunity and proved themselves it does not make diffenrce if its karamyudhha or Dharamyudha. Knight Riders flying start will give Sharukh a big relief and makes them a tough team to beat in IPL inauguaral series.

Here is Kolkata’s McCullam’s Royal massacre of Bangolre’s Royal Challengers highlights video @@ youtube :


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: April 18, 2008 | Categories: Cricket

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