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Britain's first ever Live commercial aired by Channel 4

Live commercials as name suggests are advertisements shown live on channels and companies usually don’t prefer live commercials because of their higher cost in comparison to filmed or taped spots. Britain is not used to live commercials where as US performed a relatively few easy commercial in recent years. Guardian proudly announces the live feat done for Honda ad as first ever live commercial of Britain on their website.

Its just a spectacular live ad that was completed without any hitches in 3 minutes of time – Channel 4 aired this live ad that took place in Spain skies on May 30 2008. The videos are here in MP4, flash and IPod format.

NBC is popular in US for these live ads. NBC plans investing into live commercials during late-night, but claims that it won’t happen a lot. In 2007 NBC has teamed up with Garmin International to air a live commercial during Tuesday’s broadcast of The Tonight Show. Details can be found here

Check Out Ellen’s Live Commercial for the Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide toothbrush :

Once a old Ad concept getting life again.


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