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As Life Goes Digital

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Microsoft gives cashback upto 22% from livesearch purchases

To compete with Google in ad space Microsoft unveiled its plan to give users who buy from livesearch links the advertised cashbacks. First thing is to set up your free cashback account using your email address. Buy the products from the stores listed through live search link. Microsoft pays you advertised % off to your cashback account.

I feel for deal mongers instead of coupon clippings and searching through deal sites for deals, Microsoft is making the job easier by combining the power of “Price Grabber” comparison with discounts shown right away. At least this is much better than Mail In Rebates (MIR) or online coupon codes. MIR is pain and needs discipline and patience to get back the checks. Online coupon codes gets expired from time to time and finding them is a challenge. The only doubt is that if all merchants will participate in this and can give good cashback percent to the consumers.

Also there are so many deal opportunities for instance find a good deal from sites like slickdeals or FatWallet or Deals2Buy and then use livesearch link to knock off few more dollars on your buy making the deal much more sweeter.

Here are listed top merchants and % of cashback you can get :

I’ve tried “Wii Fit” and market price for this item is $89.99, Any deal thats better than the listed price is deal worthy.

-> Go to this link
-> Search for item (say) WII FIT

Here is what search results and cash back is $1.70.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: May 28, 2008 | Categories: Deals
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