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Collingwood run-out appeal video of Elliot & controversy details

When New Zealand required 26 off 39 balls, All-rounder “Grant Elliott” was knocked over by the bowler “Ryan Sidebottom”. Elliot was given run out when England appealed.

It clearly angered Elliott and the team New Zealand too. Umpire – Mark Benson did the right thing offered England and Collingwood the chance to withdraw the appeal. Paul Collingwood and neither his players seems bothered and Elliott was given out. He walked out with “what’s that” looks at England players that questioned the gentleman game Cricket.

Collingwood should have withdrawn the appeal for the sanctity of the game. True sportsman ship is lost when the England team appealed for Elliot’s run out.

Anyway, the justice is served with New Zealand winning the match from the last over.

Also Colllingwood made history with the four match suspension for being captain of England for bowling too slow in ODi#4

Here is run out appeal video (courtesy @@ youtube)


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: June 26, 2008 | Categories: Cricket

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