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H1-B, GC employer salary and info is searchable now

Linked8 provides databases of business, career, and education which can be searcheable. Linked8 tapped into additional sectors of H1-B and GC databases available for search. The site claims they have more than 9000 recruiters and hiring companies that have signed-up at Linked8.

Currently only year 2006 and 2007 data is available for search at these sites – H1-B & GreenCard.

If I am on H1-B and is looking for a job then here are numerous possibilities of using this search information from linked8 –

– Search by state and know all the employers who are sponsoring H1-Bs
– Search by employer and see the trending of their recruitments
– Get Job title information
– Get salary information
– For Job seekers the links helps search for similar jobs in the area or Jobs available at employer

Similarly Greencard data helps if the employer is sponsoring GCs.

For recruiters this is gold as they can ping these employers and match H1-B candidates to the jobs. For employers this gives a good info of what salaries are being offered by the industry for the job positions.

H-1B visa
Image via Wikipedia — H1-B visa demographics and which country used the most H1-Bs in 2005 — India topping the list with 100000

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