As Life Goes Digital

As Life Goes Digital

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Java is the most popular programming language C is #2 and C-Sharp is #8

A selection of programming language textbooks on a shelf. Levels and colors adjusted in the GIMP.Image via WikipediaTIOBE Programming Community Index for June 2008 released the current month ratings and guess what — Java is #1 again followed by C and C++. The TIOBE index takes into account search engine inputs from Google, MSN, Yahoo! and YouTube for its ratings.

Also remember these ratings does not indicate best programming but most used programming languages. If you consider C# (2000), it is relatively new kid on the block compared to C(1971), C++ (1983) and Java (1995). Note – the year after the language shows the time it came into existence.

Here are top 10 popular languages :

TIOBE Software: Tiobe Index via kwout

Here is trending graph and how the popularity changed over years : One noticeable shift is dropping of Java to # 2 ratings in year 2005.

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