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As Life Goes Digital

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List of Top 25 Online Newspapers in US

24/7 WALLst rated top 25 newspapers that are popular both in print edition and as well as in online presence. Two popular online journals – & USA Today are not included in top 25 citing them as national properties.

Now you know what online newspapers to read. To Follow the Herd… or Not ? I feel if you live in Chicago then your first stop would most likely be and similarly with all others online papers. If you see the trend online audience surpassed the daily circulation.

1.The New York Times (Average daily circulation 1,007,256) (Compete online audience: 12,188,886)
2.The Los Angeles Times (Average daily circulation: 773,884) (Compete online audience: 3,917,054)
3.The New York Daily News (Average daily circulation: 703,137) (Compete online audience: 1,729,407)
4.The New York Post (Average daily circulation: 702,488) (Compete online audience: 1,899,003)
5.The Washington Post (Average daily circulation: 673,180) (Compete online: 6,548,678) – Do you know where does half of WPO revenues come from ? From Kaplan – a test prep company that WPO own.
6.The Chicago Tribune (Average daily paid circulation: 541,663) (Compete online audience: 1,954,491)
7.The Houston Chronicle (Average daily paid circulation 494,131) (Compete online audience: 1,609,496)
8.The Arizona Republic (Average daily paid circulation: 413,332) (Compete online audience: 1,204,890)
9.Newsday (Average daily paid circulation 379,613.) (Compete online audience: 1,543,183)
10.The San Francisco Chronicle (Average daily paid circulation: 370,245) (Compete online audience: 2,716,654)
11.The Dallas Morning News (Average daily paid circulation: 368,313) (Compete online: 1,476,081.)
12.The Boston Globe (Average daily paid circulation: 350,605) (Compete online audience: 2,757,866)
13.The Newark Star-Ledger (Average daily paid circulation: 345,130) (Compete online audience: 1,077,127)
14.The Philadelphia Inquirer (Average daily paid circulation: 334,150) (Compete online audience: 1,047,083)
15.The Cleveland Plain Dealer (Average daily paid circulation: 330,280) (Compete online audience for April: 694,328)


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  1. Media says:

    All of theses titles can be found on Go check it out. Personally, I love this site, and it will help you guys get the freshest paper, and save the trees. Not a bad deal, eh?

  2. Kalyan says:

    Looks like is what is for India news papers.

    From first impressions I like Pressdisplay. Thanks Bill for sharing the site with us.

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