As Life Goes Digital

As Life Goes Digital

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"Power" of information age — find your lost car keys

This WPO article describes on how a family failed to live up to the information age without internet. Son cannot cheat sheet from Wikipedia, Dad cannot fix the generator because of not accessing and mom cannot email some of his son’s school health forms to get enrolled in some game. All this happened as some heavy winds and storms knocked out power and hence NO internet.

I was researching heavily to get a smart phone for myself so I can be more connected to data world through my cell phone. The thing that scares me and keeps me at a distance to these smartphones is the addiction to internet. I feel sometimes that we are becoming too much dependent on internet for trivial tasks and making us more dumber day after day.

Spelling bee contests and their winners that we see on TV makes us more guilty for not being able to spell simple words. Google makes our life easier spell checks our searches or it has become defacto standard to write all school papers or blog posts and go through a spell check process at the end caring less for spelling mistakes.

This is what will happen we will be looking for our lost keys by googling — Google in 20 years :

Google in 20 years ! on Flickr – Photo Sharing! via kwout

Remember Google may not find everything for you but the technology is catching up so fast in finding lost keys. I waste my significant time in searching for carkeys, Employee ID badge and TV Remotes. Simple rule is assign these a fixed place in the house — well– it may work but here is our dependency on some technology. These transmitters can be sticked to most frequent lost items and using the radio wave receiver one can find the misplaced objects.

We gave up all our life to technolgy distancing oursleves from thinking. This is the “power” of information age.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: June 7, 2008 | Categories: OtherNews

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