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As Life Goes Digital

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SMS injured 6 million Brits in year 2007

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DailyStar reports

AN AMAZING six million Brits were injured last year while texting and using their mobiles. More than one in 10 people were hurt after stumbling into lampposts, bollards and litter bins in the street.

The reasons for accidents are lamposts,  bollards and trash cans. We can imagine if this is case with Britain then how the statistics are in India where millions of people are addicted to SMS (Short Messaging Services). 

Mobile lanes (lanes for people dedicated for texting) is what people are demanding to avoid these accidents. What if two people collide head on in these mobile lanes ? Solution is one-way mobile lanes — what if some SMSers are slow ? They would create traffic in these lanes causing delays.The only advantage I see with mobile lanes is that with the rising gas prices we can use these as alternative to driving.

Other suggestive measures are padding the lampposts to minimize the intensity of accidents.

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