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2008 state sales tax free holidays dates

Back in 1980 Ohio and Michigan started the trend of offering tax holidays for automobile purchases. All automobiles were purchased state tax free during those tax holidays. New York extended the tradition to clothes and back-to-school supplies. In 1997 for the first time introduced sales tax holiday which were followed by dozens of states in later years. South Carolina surprised everyone in 2006 by suspending the state tax, for the two days following Thanksgiving 2006 which included almost everything from purchases of cars , computers and even airplanes.

Typically August is the month of back to school shopping when most state sales tax holidays are announced.Who benefits ? Past sales tax holidays showed no benefits that economy will gain during these events. With inflation touching the roof this will benefit the consumers a little bit With rising fuel and food costs budgets.

Before you jump on this deal keep in mind that most states leave it to individual towns and counties to decide whether they will waive local taxes in addition to the state sales tax.

Sales Tax Holidays via kwout

Here is the link for state tax holidays.

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