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Chiranjeevi — Tirupathi video, prajarajyam party flag unveiled on August 26

Chiranjeevi unveiled the party name, flag and ideologies in front of a huge 9,00,000 plus crowd in Avilala, Tirupathi. Sticking to his August 17 announcement, the party name — Prajarajyam — reflected that the party is for the people. He donned the dais single highhandedly with his near 2 hrs emotional, well prepared political party speech and gave utmost importance to Handicapped and Seniors citizens by not allowing any VIP section for the meeting.

The flag of the party is 3/4 the white and 1/4th green with rising sun on white part. Prajarajyam initial ideologies is of democratic and secular party with more emphasis on backward classes, farmers, workers, women and youth. The goal of the party is to make state of Andhra Pradesh a happy – Santhoshandhra and Anandandhra.

He repeatedly assured the crowd that he is one of them and he has seen both poor and rich lives. He recollected the Mogalthur days where he slept half stomach because of poverty. His farming days and tough college times to learn acting in Madras with Rs 125/-. On acting side he said he acted in many roles from a outcast to riksha puller to cobbler and in the process learn many real life time situations. These excerpts from the dais reflected the recent criticism that he is getting as the newcomer to politics arena.

To sum up Chiru spoke honestly from his heart rather than the monolithic political speaking. I give him perfect 10 and only caution for him is not to be more of a defensive person for each criticism he gets on his way to assembly. What do you guys think of this mega speech ? Leave your comments

Good Luck Megastar !!

August 26 Chiru Tirupthi youtube video :


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  1. pk says:

    If he could improve communication, That would help him

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