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Missing TSA Verified Identity Pass laptop found

Baggage is scanned using X-ray machines, passe...Image via Wikipedia To avoid long security lines at the airport Verified Identity Pass (VIP) contracted with TSA and developed a program called “Clear” where members pay $120/ year to have their identities verified. The registration card allowed them to bypass long security lines.

One of the laptops gone missing which contained sensitive personal information like Greencard number of permanent residents, name, address, phone numbers and birth dates, as well as drivers’ license. TSA temporarily suspended this program. This is a good move by TSA as they want all the data on all VIP devices needs encryption to avoid the possibility of landing of this sensitive info in the wrong hands.

New members will not be able to sign up for the program and have to wait in long security lines until TSA clears the “clear” program.

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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: August 13, 2008 | Categories: Immigration

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