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20000 EB Nurse Visas Per Year – HR 5924 Bill Status

To reduce nursing shortage in US, HR 5924 bill would provide 20,000 EB(employment-based) visas per year for three years for nurses. HR 5924 is introduced on April 29, 2008 and the key points that are part of the legislation — Lifting retrogression for Schedule A workers, 20,000 visa quota, Review Schedule A I-140 cases within 30 days of receipt, A fee of $1500 from Schedule A workers will be used in US school to develop local talent and short the supply. The full bill text is available at this lcoation. Great discussions and updates on this Nurse relief visa legislation at Hammond’s Law.

Other bills pending for approvals — H.R. 5882 (Reduces Green Card Waitimes by acquiring unused past visa numbers), H.R. 6020 (Immigration benefits for immigrant soldiers and their families), HR 5950 (Medical care for immigration detainees).

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