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Amazon canceling accounts for users who has high orders return history

Slickdeals forum discussions report that some of Amazon customers accounts are closed as they are involved in “extraordinary number of incidents” — as indicated in the mail received by the effected user :

Hello from

A careful review of your account indicates you’ve experienced an extraordinary number of incidents with your orders and corresponding shipments.

In the normal course of business, the occasional problem is inevitable. The rate at which such problems have occurred on your account is extraordinary, however, and cannot continue. Effective immediately, your account is closed and you are no longer able to shop in our store. I am very sorry for any disappointment this may cause.

Please know that any accounts related to yours have also been closed. If you were to open a new account, the same will result and it will also be closed. In the event that you attempt to do so, we will not accept the return of any additional orders, nor will we issue further refunds in connection with any future orders. We appreciate your cooperation in refraining from using our web site.

If you require additional assistance, or have any concerns, feel free to contact us directly at

Please do not contact regular Customer Service again, as they will no longer be able to assist you.


Account Specialist

This not unique to Amazon who is willing to lose their customer to better service other users. Netflix admitted in the past of delayed shipping to its heavy users. For heavy users Netflix penalized them by shipping the movie DVDs the next day . Sprint is parting from its high maintained customers.Sprint canceled some customers accounts due to excessive calls to customer service.

Amazon with its recent cancellation of post-order price guarantee is looking after cost effective ways of improving customer service and parting from its system abusers by taking these strict measures. It is interesting to see what formula is used by Amazon in canceling the accounts — Just number of returns to number of total orders by amount ??

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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: September 2, 2008 | Categories: Deals, Tips

One Response to Amazon canceling accounts for users who has high orders return history

  1. Rick says:

    No, it's likely not based on ratio of orders to returns. My buyer account was closed after seven returns, and I counted purchases: 221 in the past year. So that would be 3%, which doesn't seem high at all. So they have some sort of other formula.
    The question is, how does one get around their closure and continue to buy from them? Anyone been successful?

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