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DePaul MBA Entrepreneurship ranks #2 in Entrepreneur rankings

Entrepreneur released 2008 MBA rankings in Entrepreneurship for both undergrad and graduate programs in US. In Graduate programs Babson took #1 spot where as DePaul University took #2 honors. I’ll be graduating from DePaul MBA, Entrepreneurship in 2009 and its good to see that the school is ranked on top in the 2008 list. University of Illinois, Chicago also made to it to this years top graduate list with #6 ranking.

In Undergrad programs University of Houston is #1, Babson college is #2 and DePaul is #6.

The rankings are based on these surveys and graded accordingly — Enrolled students, % of them who started a business, Percentage still in business, Faculty who are entrepreneurs, Recent grads who started a business, Percentage still in business,Scholarships,Number of entrepreneurship clubs, Mentorship programs and Business plan competition

Here is how Depaul University fared from the survey results :

Here is the top 10 list from both the programs as ranked by Entrepreneur


1. University of Houston
2. Babson College
3. Drexel University
4. University of Dayton
5. University of Arizona
6. Temple University
7. DePaul University
8. University of Oklahoma
9. University of Southern California
10. Chapman University


1. Babson College
2. DePaul University
3. University of Southern California
4. University of Arizona
5. University of South Florida
6. University of Illinois, Chicago
7. University of California, Los Angeles
8. Drexel University
9. Chapman University
10. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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