As Life Goes Digital

As Life Goes Digital

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Donate to India flood victims by answering four simple questions

For each Right Answer our sponsors would donate Torches, Candles, Milk powder, Match Boxes, Chlorine Tablets, Nylon Ropes, Tarpaulin Sheets and Biscuits to Bihar Flood Victims.

When I took the quiz myself – This is the outcome

Thank You for spending your time to donate 2 Band Aid(s) and 2 Tarpaulin Sheet(s) for the Bihar Flood Victims. Plan India will make sure that these essentials reach the victims soon.
You have Donated
2 Band Aid(s)
2 Tarpaulin Sheet(s)
We also thank our sponsor Cadence on your behalf.
To take this effort forward and get more donations please forward this to as many friends and colleagues as possible. Give their details below or simply ask them to log on to

If you want to cheat for the good cause here are the answers :

The capital of Bihar is “Patna”

Which river has caused havoc in Bihar recently? “Kosi”

How many people have been affected by the recent floods in Bihar? “25 lakh”

What is the opposite of word “flood”? “Drought”

Here is the announcment link:

Plan via kwout

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