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Dubai work permit MBA degree attestation process

Pradeep an IESE MBA graduate writes painstaking MBA degree attestation process to get work permit to work in Dubai. IESE Business School located in Spain’s Barcelona and Madrid is ranked as a top 5 business school in Europe and is renowned for its MBA and Executive MBA programs.

Here are some of highlight’s from Pradeep’s blog to get work permit in Dubai.

Getting attested the original MBA certificate — Done by UAE consulate. a) Notarize the MBA graduation certificate. b) Authorize the notary signature from notary organization . c) Justice ministry authorizes notary org. signatures. d) External affairs ministry approves Justice ministry authorization. e) Finally UAE consulate attests MBA degree certificate.

Wow !! what a cumbersome process to get a work permit in Dubai but I guess it pays off well with the salaries that MBAs earn in rich city like Dubai . Looks like concept of transcripts are not used which is universal I thought all these days. But most of this procedure we will not know if we apply for H1-B visa as all the degree attestations are done by employers for us with the help of their lawyers. US Consulates (say in India) have extensive shared university databases that will make it easy for them to verify and grant visas on the spot.

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