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As Life Goes Digital

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Free Web Based UNLIMITED Storage from Wixi expires October 1' 2008

Wixi is a web-based service that users will be able to access it from practically any device (iPhone version on Users can access any time, anywhere, and from any device the media content without installing any application. Good news is that service is available for free for life for users who registers on their site before October 1′ 2008. This unlimited storage is as per writings on their website and may be differently interpreted.

Web users who register within 1 month of the launch will enjoy the benefits of unlimited file storage for free. Beginning in October, new members will enjoy 3 GB of media storage on the network for free, or opt for Wixi’s premium service, which will allow unlimited file storage for $4.99 per month and $50 per year.

Some of the not so good news —

-> Does not work in Chrome, Not compatible with Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. No opera then Wii users not be able to view these media files on their TVs through Wii Opera browser with wi-fi internet channel.
->If you were not the original uploader the you won’t be able to download a file.
-> Files greater than 100 MB are now restricted from public sharing – you’ll have to be someone’s friend if you want to stream a large file from their account, which makes movie sharing difficult.
-> Only media files and some users reporting problems storing zip and pdf files,

Alternative Free Unlimited Storage websites

1) Stixy – For To-dos, Notes, Reminders, photos and file sharing

To share a Stixyboard with friends, family, or your colleagues at work, is as easy as it gets. Sometimes it’s nice or in fact necessary to have an online space for common photos, reminders, files, and so forth. Each Stixyboard has a unique set of members. No one else can see or use your board unless you choose to open your board for public view.

2) Seetoo – Two friends can watch the media file.

3) Google Spreadsheets and Zoho Sheet — Collaboration of files in real time.
Users can simultaneously work on the same spreadsheet and see the changes made by each other in real time. Check the browser compatibility.

4) Jooce – Virtual desktop like Cyber home away from home.

“Load up your browser-based Jooce desktop with files, music, videos, IM buddy lists, and anything else you might need and you can get to it just by logging in. And Jooce looks and feels like a real desktop, with a slick UI and good responsiveness.”

Currently, there is no limit to the number and size of files you can upload onto your jooce desktop. That’s right, it’s unlimited. So go forth and upload to your heart’s content.

5) Dropbox – good for file storage and membership by invite only

6) Foldershare from Microsoft — Sharing files and complaints of cheesy interface

7) ADrive – with PCLinuxOS & Firefox – 50GB free storage

Do you use any other file sharing/storage/collaboration sites ? Please share with others via comments.

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