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GMAC completed GMAT test takers investigation

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) on its website announced that it completed initial investigation of GMAT test takers using Good news for many GMAT test takers who are the members of Scoretop is that only 84 test takers scores are canceled. Out of which 12 test takers will not be able to retake GMAT for 3 years as they posted GMAT live test questions on Scoretop. 72 test takers scores had been canceled because they said they saw live questions appear on

GMAC in its FAQ web page clarified many questions that was bothering GMAT test takers.
1) More than GMAT test compromise, GMAC stressed that ethical behavior of the canceled scorers is taken seriously in the whole process.
2) GMAC went to extent of comparing the questions posted by canceled scorers on and the GMAT questions they answered when taking the test.
3) It is not just US test takers all geographic areas are affected.
4) GMAC has completed and suspended its initial investigation. The users who are in doubt of their possible score cancellations can relax.
5) For further questions contact Ashok Sarathy, director of the GMAT Program, at
6) GMAC has sent letters on Friday, September 5, 2008. to all the affected test takers informing them the cancellation decision.

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