As Life Goes Digital

As Life Goes Digital

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Harvard Business Publishing interviews Life Hacker Gina Trapani is popular productivity blog and Scott Berkun from Harvard asks grilling questions of how MBAs can benefit from Lifehacker’s productivity tips. As Gina puts it MBA teaches structured learning with problem-solving and case studies and gives less importance to manage one’s own time in an effective way.

The advice I like is how to choose from multiple productivity systems ? Choose one system that best fits you and stick to it.

Question #4 about working in teams is the best answer I feel Gina gave :

I think there can be a huge amount of value in cross-pollinating people’s work styles. A few years back I did a fair amount of pair programming, and while it was at times frustrating and awkward, I learned a lot from seeing how someone else does things and thinks.
The key is finding and working with the people who help you and don’t slow you down. My racquetball coach always told me to “play up” — meaning, always try to play against an opponent who’s better. No matter how bad getting beaten by that person feels, it still raises your game. I think that’s true at work as well.

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