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Truroots Buy One Get One FREE India calling card – Eid Mubaarak & Happy Dusshera

Truroots is calling card service offered bt TATA/VSNL ( VSNL (Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited), which is operated by Tatas now). The celebration Buy One Get One (BOGO) offer is announced in the months where India celebrates Ramadan and Dusshera in September/October months.

Offer is valid for the both new and old customers. Truroots charges now 6.9 cents per minute and with BOGO promotion one will end up paying just promotional 3.49 cents per minutes . The credit should appear right away in your account.

This is good alternative to people who have issues with calling cards services from AirTel and Reliance.The call rounding time is around one minute as compared to other numerous calling cards which charge up to 39 cents. One annoying feature is with their so many prompts that has to be used when calling destination number.

Here is promotional BOGO offer from Truroots

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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: September 26, 2008 | Categories: Uncategorized

2 Responses to Truroots Buy One Get One FREE India calling card – Eid Mubaarak & Happy Dusshera

  1. Dhruv the devil says:

    hi kalyan,
    This is dhruv from florida.Having used all the three i.e airtel call home, reliance global call and tata truroots,there isn’t much to choose between them in terms of quality,except that i get better voice clarity wid airtel and reliance. i found that Reliance is offering the lowest call rates of 5.9cents/min for calling India from the U.S apart from an addon of 120 mins as part of their diwali package.Are you aware of any counter offer from tata or airtel which can better this deal?

  2. Kalyan says:

    Hi Dhruv, Truroots had same promotion for Diwali as they did for Eid/Dusherra – BOGO (BuyOneGetOne). These days I’ve put a VOIP US number in India from “ReliableIP” and so far its working good for me with just $9, I get 500 any time outgoing minutes. Usually I call from my cell phone after 9PM that is free night and weekend minutes on my cell. As a backup I have calling card which 3.9c/minute to Hyderabad, India.

    I’ll post it here.If I find any offer in Reliance and Airtel (Airtel account management and recharging never worked for me that the reason I’ve to shift to calling card).

    Also I jumped on Yupee VOIP phone service when they had a promotion and they canceled it as so many jumped on it and they didn’t have bandwidth to support all of them -:(

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