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As Life Goes Digital

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TV Channels showing 2008 US Open — USA, UK, Spain, India and Germany

US :

CBS (11:00 AM Eastern Time) , USA (7.00 PM EST) and CNBC (9.00 PM EST) are the channels where these games can be watched if you live in US. Comcast, Direct TV and Dish Network channel line up is required for their respective channel numbers.

  Comcast DirectTV Dish Network
CNBC 58 355 208
USA 42 242 105

From below link change to your zipcode to see your TV guide listings.

UK :

Skysports is telecasting US Open on tow different channels — Skysports2 and Skysports Extra.

Click this Skysports TV Listing guide and search for US Open and their timings.,19953,,00.html

Spain :

As Nadal is favorite, the Spain fans will have chance to watch US Open on Digital plus and Antena 3 TV channels.

India :
Sania Mirza the new Tennis sensation is drawing more and more fans to Tennis. Sania is not paling in US Open 2008 as she injured her wrist. Tensports is telecasting US Open in India

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