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US Nuclear Deal impacts Indian H1-B visa holders

Manmohan Singh with US President George W. Bus...Image via Wikipedia The Indo-US nuclear deal is approved by 45-nation NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group). The Indian congress government led by Manmohan Singh won confidence vote that created political division in recent months in this US-Indo nuclear cooperation agreement though some political parties are still unhappy with the agreement.

Kanchan Gupta writes about H1-B visa holders and their reason for unhappiness with ongoing US-India nuclear deal. Gupta writes the civilian nuclear cooperation agreement will create thousands of Jobs which otherwise would have been opened for H1-B visa holders. Some India’s middle class who prospered using these H1-B visa may not like these $$ paying jobs taken away from them.

Here is quote from Kanchan Gupta’s Article :

Look at the way it has managed to foist on us a so-called ‘civilian nuclear cooperation agreement’ that will revive the moribund American nuclear power industry, create thousands of jobs (which will not be open to holders of H1B visa, so there’s little reason for our middle-class to cheer the deal), give President George W Bush his only foreign policy ‘success’, and serve the purpose of forcing India into the non-proliferation regime without conceding its nuclear weapons capability.

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