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$200 worth Google AdWords free for students – Google Online Marketing Challenge

For MBAs I feel this is a good chance to use Google’s free money to get hands-on experience. The goal is to make use of Adwords to effectively imapct marketing compaigns for a business. If I were a full time MBA student I would make a good case with my MIS (Management Information Systems) prof. to sign and use this challenge as a project.

As the website notes :

The Challenge works like this:

1. Students divide into groups of 3-6, and then receive free online advertising vouchers for Google AdWords worth US$200.
2. The groups recruit a small-to-medium business, under 100 employees, who has a website but doesn’t currently use AdWords.
3. Each group works with the business to set up an AdWords account and structure an effective online marketing campaign.
4. During a 3-week competition window, the groups optimize and refine their campaigns. They must submit two competition reports – one before they begin and one after the campaign ends.
5. Google and a panel of independent academics from all over the world select the winning teams based on the success of their campaign and the quality of their competition reports.

For Google this is like promoting their advertising cash cow to the heights. For students FAQ suggests that in order to choose business – “If you have a local Chamber of Commerce or Small Business Development Office, they always have businesses looking for assistance from smart people like you” . Professors will mentor and work with students and make them understand in online marketing and the Challenge.

To Sum up, I feel this is good project at Google expense for students who want to have web presence for their own business or the business they work for.

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