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CodeWeavers Giving Free Software On Gas Price Drop – October 28 2008

CodeWeavers months back came up with a marketing challenge – “Great American Lame Duck Presidential Challenge”. The challenge included five unreachable items on the list

>Gas drops to $2.79 a gallon
>Milk drops to $3.50 a gallon
>US jobs exceed 138 million
>Twin cities (St. Paul vicinity in California?) median home price returns to $233,000
>Osama bin Laden is captured

The unacheivable #1 from the above list have been acheived now – gas price dropped to $2.79 a gallon as barrel price is in $60s this week from once a top of $140. As promised CodeWeavers are giving the following software items for free –

CodeWeavers via kwout

Note : Their website was not able to handle the volume and a temporary page is made available to submit the email address so that serial number is sent to the downloaders

eNjoy the free savings from CodeWeavers.

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