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Watching Online India vs Australia Test Series – October, November 2008

The online viewing of cricket matches has picked up in popularity as most cricket fans outside of India have good access to quality internet but not TV.

The four cricket test match series between Australia and India starts on October 9′ 2008 and ends in November’ 10′ 2008.

Here is quick schedule :

> 1st Test, Bangalore – Karnataka ,Oct 9 – Oct 13
> 2nd Test, Mohali – Chandigarh, Oct 17 – Oct 21
> 3rd Test, Delhi, Oct 29 – Nov 2
> 4th Test, Nagpur, Nov 6 – Nov 10

Watching Dish Network’s Zee Sports online

This option is best for people who want to watch cricket in the office.

> Add ZeeSports to channel list

If you reside in US and have TV with Dish network then you can watch the Oct/Nov test series series on Zee Sports Americas in North America for $19.99 per month . Only recently (a year ago probably) Zee Sports introduced sports channel on Dish Network which broadcasts all cricket matches that are played only in India.

Here are details from Dish Network :

ZEE SPORTS AMERICA – The First and Most Complete South Asian Sports Channel for less than $1 a day! Get the Annual package for $249.99 and save nearly $90

The following live cricket series are scheduled to be shown on Zee Sports America for 2008.

England vs. New Zealand – May 2008

England vs. South Africa – July 2008

India vs. Australia – October 2008

India vs. England – November 2008

In addition to cricket, Zee Sports America brings Indian club and International football, tennis,
and golf!

To add Zee Sports America to your DISH Network services call 1.888.723.0188 today!

> Watching ZeeSports TV Channel Online

Two online options are available 1) Slingbox, 2) Cyberlinklive and Orb

1) Slingbox is like taking TV with you anywhere as long as you have internet connection on your laptop.

Here is how you set up Slingbox :

2) Cyberlinklive and Orb — If you have TV Tuner card in your PC and watches TV on PC then you can watch your PC TV any where in the world with Cyberlinklive and Orb.



Watching Australia vs. India test series online

If you are not able to subscribe to TV channels as above then live streaming sites are the next option.

If you are looking for live streaming sites for upcoming Australia in India 2008 test matches series, this is the post I’ll update regularly with all available options.

The popular one among them is Willow.TV . As of writing this post they have not updated their site with details. The following Willow.TV link takes you to the details when live streaming is available.

Sopcast and TVU Player are the other options but their legality is in question so use your judgement before accessing cricket links posted via Sopcast or any other P2P live streaming media sites.

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