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Avoiding Black Friday 2008 shopping scams

There are so many websites offering the items for lowest prices and beware of some sites that may be scamming consumers with bait and switch tactics. (First a low price is advertised then a sales person calls you to tell add-ons or accessories like batteries of worth $150, Chargers of worth $50 is not included)

Here are tips that I follow to avoid online scam websites.

> First and formeost select the online websites that you know or heard of from your friends – Here is my top five best store list for electronics –,,,, [Source : ComsumerReports.Org]

> First research the “price” of the product from Google’s “Google Products Price” (previously Froogle)

Say I’m looking to buy latest Sony Hard Drive SR-12 camcorder then here is what I look from Google’s product prices. This way one will have price range for the product that is trusted from good online stores. Be cautious of all pricey add-ons that comes if the product has lowest price in a store.

> If you find a website that is offering a product at fire sale price then make sure you check the website in, and if possible do a website domain check for the number of years in business. is a user submitted ratings websites for 10,000 plus stores. Take for instance – has rating 9 out of 10.

> If possible do a price match to lower the prices of a product. Check my previous post – Walmart Price Matching Black Friday 2008 other stores printed Ads

> Extended Warranties are just wast of money I feel.

> Have a handy and fast customer service reps numbers. Check my previous post – How to quickly reach customer service reps over phone?

Have a happy holiday shopping !!


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: November 27, 2008 | Categories: OtherNews

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