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Black Friday 2008 Desktops computers deals – Bestbuy & Circuitcity

Desktop prices are decreasing day to day. Make sure you get a desktop with atleast a dual-core processor – Intel Pentium Dual core, AMD Athlon 64 X2 or AMD Turion X2. If you need more power go for Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Phenom. Gamers usually go for more high end with Intel Core 2 Quad System. Make sure you got at least 2GB of memory.

Black Friday 2008 Desktop computer systems deals

Note: Click column heading once to reorder from highest to lowest. Click twice to reorder from lowest to highest.

Retailer Processor Type Brand Model Black Friday2008 Deal Price
Best Buy Athon 2650e eMachines eMachines Athlon 2650E Desktop w/ 19″ LCD Monitor & Printer $299.96
Best Buy Misc Dell Save up to $250 on Select Dell Desktop Packages $250 Off
Best Buy Quad Core HP HP Pavilion Quad Core Desktop w/ 22″ LCD & Canon Printer $599.96
Circuit City Dual Core HP HP Pavilion Desktop w/ Dual-Core, 2GB, 250GB, 17″ LCD Monitor $449.98
Circuit City Quad Core HP HP Pavilion Quad-Core Desktop w/ 19″ LCD Monitor & HP AIO Printer $799.97


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