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Bush's pet cat name is "India"

White house pets always gets lots of attention and this time around Obama promised his two daughters that he would buy puppies when he wins 2008 US election. News are pounded with what pets earlier presidents had in white house.

Just to recap Bush’s pet cat name is India though its not at all related to country “India” but anyway that stirred controversies in the past.

Here is mental floss post in CNN :

The name India rankled some citizens of the country of the same name to the point that many Indians supposedly named their dogs “Bush.”

The name wasn’t meant to be controversial, though; the Bushes merely named their cat after Ruben “El Indio” Sierra, who played for the Texas Rangers while George W. owned the team. Spot Fetcher was similarly named after former Rangers middle infielder Scott Fletcher.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: November 18, 2008 | Categories: Uncategorized

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