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To avoid phishing check if email address exists or not

My Hotmail account gets nearly 30 to 50 spam email daily, I’ve to browse my junk mail folder often to make sure I don’t miss any important mail that Hotmail marks it as junk.

This has become a wasteful exercise sucking out time that can be put to some other good use. Most of the junk mail these days are from Paypal, eBay, Bank Of America (my bank) and even Obama election mails – all of course are phishing emails tricking us to steal our identity theft.

Every time I get such spam email I go to Google and search for subject and body of the spam email. Most of the time users post and give good feedback of whether a mail is spam email or not.

Here is another simple way to check for spam email

The following email is in my junk folder :

Paypal Pishing email
This is one such paypal phishing mail I got – See the from maila address sqared in red font at the top, This email address will be checked if it exists or not

A free online email address checker is available at this location. If you enter the valid mail address then the site displays appropriate icon.

A valid email address looks like this – check the “valid” text in the image

A in-valid email address looks like this – check the “Not valid” text in the image

This helps us to filter out spam emails.

Do you know of any other tips to filter spam mail


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: November 14, 2008 | Categories: Tips

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