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How to quickly reach customer service reps over phone?

Folks in US (or UK) when calling customer service we get impatient hearing all ten plus options of what to dial for different functions. Most of the time we need to get in touch with a customer service representative to talk and resolve the issue at hand. (to remember the site easily the domain name is – Get + Human ) fills this need. It has collected information of secret codes and phone numbers of more than 800 companies in US. It is a huge search able database of customer service numbers and single click or very minimal touch-tone combination that will get you speaking with a real human being.

This way we can avoid long prompts and save our time and money in waiting to receive updated estimated wait times from automated CRM systems. The GetHuman lets users rate the secret phone numbers and codes so that quality of the codes to get to human is more refined. If there are three stars or more than it is more probability that number and codes work.

This is holiday season and when we buy online we need to have this list handy to get to rep in less time. Here are Amazon customer service numbers from “gethuman” –

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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: November 23, 2008 | Categories: Tips

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