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PF Chang 10% off Lucky Cat Dining Cards expires January 4 2009

PF Chang's at STCImage via WikipediaPF Chang will be sending “Lucky Cat Dining Card” to registered P.F. Chang members. The card can be used to receive 10% off any food or beverage until January 4 2008.

Locate “register the email address” at the end of the page.

Here is Slickdeals thread on the deal details.

We wish they have given us free *dining cards* as they gave it to PF Chang executives 🙂

In 2007 all PF Chang’s executives was given “Lucky Cat Dining Cards” that can be used at both PF Chang and Pei Wei diners. The average check at P.F. Chang’s is $18 to $19 for one person; at Pei Wei, it’s $9.

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